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Renew Crew of Charlotte proves you don't have to be cruel to be kind when it comes to pressure washing your outdoor surfaces

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When I think of the methodology behind our power washing technique here at Renew Crew of Charlotte, I automatically begin to hear the chorus from the classic 1979 song by Nick Lowe “Cruel to be kind” play out in my mind. The reason for this is because so many other pressure washing companies assume you have to use a high PSI in order to achieve successful exterior surface cleaning results, when this is certainly NOT the case.

To retain the integrity of your surface, whether it is a wooden deck or fence, the siding on your home, concrete driveway or even a paver or stone sidewalk, requires a “kind” approach to this vital step involved in surface cleaning. Traditional pressure washing can leave embedded dirt within the nooks and crannies of your outdoor surfaces untouched. That’s why Renew Crew of Charlotte employs exclusive solvents that penetrate deep, loosening grime from pores that power washing or pressure cleaning can miss. After our special solvents bring the dirt and grime to the surface, our professionally trained technicians then wash it away with our special gentle power washing technique.

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At Renew Crew of Charlotte, we know that your home’s outdoor surfaces are more than just an investment — they’re a showcase, and a reflection of you. That’s why we’ve invested years of research in developing eco-friendly cleaning compounds that, when paired with a controlled pressure cleaning lift dirt away and enhance your surfaces’ natural luster.

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(Before and after flagstone sidewalk cleaning by Renew Crew of Charlotte)

A standard power cleaning uses unnecessary brute force to blast dirt away, but it doesn’t penetrate to kill mold and mildew, or scour away deep-seated grime. Worse yet, if the amount of pressure used or the angle of the cleaning is just a little off, the pressure cleaning could take gouges out of your siding, decking, driveway or mangle nearby plants.

Our eco-friendly solutions will kill mold and mildew without harsh chlorines that can damage your surfaces and kill your plants. And your exterior surfaces will stay clean longer thanks to special polymers that seal and protect against grime and the elements.

Commercial pressure washing services simply can’t provide the superior concrete cleaning, deck sealing, etc. you’ll enjoy with Renew Crew at Charlotte. A simple pressure washing company does not have access to our proprietary cleaning compounds and sealing polymers. These were developed and refined exclusively for Renew Crew. This means that neither you nor any pressure washing company can purchase these exclusive formulas in any store.

Take a look at the Renew Crew clean in action:

If you are ready to get your outdoor surfaces looking their best while maintaining their integrity, contact Renew Crew of Charlotte, and remember your power washing company doesn’t have to be cruel to be kind on your outdoor surfaces! You can reach us at 704-445-3210 or send us an email to learn more today.

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