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Wet Weather and Warm Conditions Can Lead to Mold & Mildew; Renew Crew of Charlotte to the Rescue!

rain damage to your deck

It’s no secret that the Charlotte area has received more than its fair share of wet weather this season. Rain continues to fall in and around Charlotte paired with unusually higher than usual temperatures. This combination of wet, humid conditions and warm weather can lead to increased amounts of mold and mildew building up on your home and outdoor surfaces.

Both mold and mildew belong to the fungi family and require moisture and organic material to grow. Some molds are useful (like in cheese making or penicillin) while others can be extremely toxic. Mold can cause structural damage too. Mold can start to grow on surfaces within 24 hours and reproduce quickly.

Mildew is also a decomposer of dead organic material, much like mold, and grows in wet and warm areas. Mildew can be more easily found as it surfaces quickly and in smaller patches, rather than larger infestations like mold. It can appear more powdery and white, but it can also be yellow, gray, brown, or black in appearance.

Mold and mildew accumulation on your home’s siding, walkways, patios, deck and other outdoor surfaces not only looks bad, it can take make horizontal walking surfaces slippery and treacherous to use. Thankfully, Renew Crew of Charlotte has the perfect answer for ridding your outdoor surfaces of mold and mildew and helping them stay clean for longer periods of time.

outdoor fireplace cleaning Charlotte NC
Notice the mold accumulation on this outdoor stone fireplace before Renew Crew completed the cleaning:

Our eco-friendly solutions kill mold and mildew without harsh chlorines that can bleach your wood and kill your plants. And your surfaces look lovelier longer thanks to special polymers that seal and protect against grime and the elements.

Ordinary pressure washing can leave mold, mildew and embedded dirt untouched. That’s why Renew Crew of Charlotte employs exclusive solvents that penetrate deep, loosening grime from pores that typical power washing or pressure cleaning can miss. Commercial pressure washing services simply can’t provide the superior concrete cleaning, deck sealing, etc. you’ll enjoy with Renew Crew. A simple pressure washing company does not have access to Renew Crew’s proprietary cleaning compounds and sealing polymers. These were developed and refined exclusively for Renew Crew of Charlotte. Neither you nor any pressure washing company can purchase these exclusive formulas in any store.

soffit pressure washing Charlotte NC
fascia cleaning by pressure washing Charlotte NC

At Renew Crew of Charlotte, we know that your home’s outdoor surfaces are more than just an investment — they’re a showcase. That’s why we’ve invested years of research in developing eco-friendly cleaning compounds that, when paired with a controlled pressure cleaning, lift dirt, mold and mildew away and enhance your surfaces’ natural luster — despite Mother Nature.

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