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Has your deck cleaning company gone to the dogs?

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Our products are eco and pet-friendly!

The term “gone to the dogs” is defined as something that has gone wrong or lost all the good things it had. This is an idiom we have heard used by many customers who have used a “fly by night” or inexperienced deck cleaning or surface renewal company that did not provide a satisfactory level of service or even caused damage to their structure during their project.

We have seen home siding with large holes and decks virtually ruined by a power washer with too high a PSI level and the wrong chemicals (like harsh bleach) used with disastrous results. Harsh chemicals can kill your landscape, bleach out the wood on your deck, and harm a wood plank to the point that it is permanently gouged and splintered which can result in hundreds or even thousands of dollars in repairs later.

Here at Renew Crew of Charlotte, we strive to be the best at what we do which is exterior surface cleaning and protection. Our highly effective three-step process lifts built-up outdoor dirt, mold and grime and brings it to the surface where we can wash it away leaving your outdoor surfaces not only clean but protected! We specialize in cleaning wooden and composite decks, outdoor structures, hardscape and stone structures such as patios and sidewalks, gutters, driveways and even the siding on your home.

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Renew Crew deck cleaning before and after — amazing!

Our exclusive proprietary 3-step pre-foam, power clean and protection process is safe and eco-friendly to the surrounding landscape, your family and your beloved pets, we can assure you that our patented solution to eradicating years of grime and mildew growth is safe. We utilize a foaming cleaning agent that carefully removes nasty grime without harming the wood planks. We don’t use any dangerous chemical products such as bleach that can ruin your prized plants, shrubs and flowers and can harshly decolorize your wood and damage your patio. Renew Crew’s sealer specially guards your deck against mildew and mold, blocks UV rays of the sun which can lighten wood and cause it to dry out, and protects from the harsh winter effects too.

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Charlotte siding cleaning

Renew Crew can tackle cleaning wood, concrete, brick and even composite materials in a eco-friendly way that is family, pet and landscape friendly. Contact Renew Crew of Charlotte today to learn more about our keeping your outdoor surfaces looking great year after year! Give us a call for a free consultation at 704-445-3210.

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