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Let’s face it, a dazzling clean home exterior is a great invitation to friends and family who are visiting, and it even makes the neighbors smile. You can be proud to stand in front of your property when your home’s siding, front entrance, sidewalk, driveway, deck and outdoor spaces are sparkling clean and looking vibrant. After all, who wants to stare at a dingy and dull house on the block where things look unkempt?

Autumn has officially arrived and that means family and friends will be coming to call as we move toward into the holiday season! The period of October through January is the “most visited” (and busiest) time of year for most households. In October Halloween arrives, and so do friends, neighbors, family and those sweet trick-or-treaters; in November Thanksgiving arrives and so will your dinner guests for a time of giving thanks and making memories; and of course, in December Christmas arrives and that means there will be holiday gatherings and guests to come-a-knocking at the height of the holiday entertaining season! With all the extra traffic converging on your home, you want to ensure your outdoor surfaces are sparkling clean. This includes your driveway, sidewalks, home’s exterior, entrance and your backyard structures too!

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When visitors come over they will enjoy sitting on your deck or patio where everything looks fresh and new. They can huddle around your outdoor fireplace or fire pit with a hot cocoa and admire your beautiful property that is clearly being maintained. We are so lucky that Charlotte weather in the Carolinas affords us plenty of outdoor time well into the fall. We can host an outdoor barbecue and cheer for our Panthers during a Sunday afternoon football game while friends are digging into hotdogs and hamburgers outdoors. Show off a sparkling clean property without mildew, grime and mold in every corner. Best of all, you can hire Renew Crew of Charlotte to do it right and take the task off your hands.

Renew Crew of Charlotte can have your sidewalks, siding, deck, patio, driveway, fence and any outdoor structure looking spiffy before the big Thanksgiving dinner. Our patented foaming cleansers are environmentally-friendly and safe for your family, landscaping and pets. We do not use bleach or any harmful chemicals that are noxious, smelly or can irritate your respiratory system. Our technicians are specially trained to prevent damage to your home and outdoor structures. We can also stain or seal your wood surfaces as well so that they provide years of extended use.

Beware of the untrained home cleaners that knock on your door and use harsh chemicals and high pressure washers to do the job. It’s terribly damaging, unsafe and nasty on the environment. Why risk the health of your family and pets, jeopardize the structures of your home which can be splintered, pitted and ruined by improper cleaning. This can shorten the life of your siding and outdoor structures and even cause the need for early replacement.
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(Before & after outdoor fireplace cleaning by Renew Crew)

Unlike our competitors, we stand behind our work and ensure you are satisfied. If you think you can tackle the massive job of cleaning your own home—think twice! Reaching up high onto a second story on a dangerous ladder to clean peaks and gutters is not something someone unqualified should be doing. If you don’t have the proper equipment, cleansers (not harmful bleach as many advertise) and good technique, you risk damaging your property and potentially falling and getting hurt. Let us take all the hard work out of it and do it quickly. Putting off the task only prevents necessary maintenance to prolong the life of your home and outdoor structures.

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The holiday season is fast approaching starting with Halloween in a few weeks, so visitors will inevitably end up at our doorstep and will be checking out your home whether you like it or not. Before you put up your holiday decorations and lights be sure to start with a clean slate and have your home professionally cleaned. It’s the perfect time to book an appointment before our schedule fills up!

Contact Renew Crew of Charlotte to learn more about our keeping your outdoor surfaces looking for all your exciting upcoming holiday events and impress all your guests!! Give us a call for a free consultation at 704-445-3210 today!
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