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It's more than clean, it's Renew Crew Clean

Renew Crew of Charlotte can turn your home's dingy entry into dynamic!

Renew Crew of Charlotte cleaning process Being in the business of exterior home cleaning and restoration, it is not uncommon to arrive at a potential clients’ home for a deck cleaning consultation and proceed to ring the doorbell only to notice mold and mildew accumulation on their front stoop, or front entry to their home. Keep in mind, if we notice it, guests and visitors that enter your home through the front door are probably noticing it too. The good news is Renew Crew of Charlotte is so much more than just a deck cleaning company. We specialize in cleaning, renewing and maintaining all your home’s outdoor surfaces including siding, sidewalks, driveways and yes even the front entry (or stoop) of your home!

Mold, mildew and even moss can be a constant battle to keep at bay on the front stoop of your home, especially if the surface is constructed of brick, stone or pavers. Renew Crew of Charlotte realizes that your brick, stone and hardscapes are an investment, and we can keep your investment looking new and maintained. Our 3-step cleaning process that Renew Crew has employed for the last 20 years combines pressure washing services with a gentle hand.

Renew Crew Clean paver walkways

Renew Crew of Charlotte utilizes a specialty foam, designed to spread into any and all crack and crevices, including the grouted areas of your front stoop that are prone to facilitate mold and mildew.This foam soaks in deep, allowing dirt, mold and mildew to adhere to our solution. This solution, once set, is rinsed away with our controlled pressure washing system. With Renew Crewof Charlotte, your surfaces won’t be “blasted,” causing damage like traditional pressure washing. Our system is controlled at a steady rate, ensuring the foam, dirt and mildew is lifted, without the classic gouges that power washers can leave.

Renew Crew brick cleaning before and after
Just look at the difference the Renew Crew of Charlotte clean can make!

Once rinsed, we also apply an eco-friendly sealant solution. This solution prevents your exterior surfaces from the classic signs of aging. Fading from the sun is eliminated with the UV-blocking properties in our ingredients. This sealant also acts as a barrier, to prevent that dirt, grime and mold from building up so quickly. This means that not only will your outdoor surfaces be clean, they will remain clean much longer than usual.

Let Renew Crew of Charlotte keep your home’s entrance clean, welcoming and a source of pride that compliments the beauty of your home and landscape. We can clean and renew your stone, paver, brick or hardscape front stoop, front patio and all your other outdoor surfaces safely and gently. Give us a call for a free consultation at 704-445-3210 or send us an email at charlotte.renewcrewclean.com

brick cleaning before and after Renew Crew