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dock cleaning at Lake Norman

If you were thinking that Renew Crew of Charlotte only wrestles the cleaning and protection of residential homes, you’d miss out on an important facet of our business that focuses on commercial properties all around the Charlotte, NC, region. We work with many of the area’s well known businesses to ensure satisfaction with a sparkling clean look that delights your customers and guests.

A great example is one of the many clubhouses we maintain around the Lake Norma area in Belmont, NC. We are tasked with ensuring that the decking to and from the water and clubhouse is always looking its best. You can believe it’s quite the feat given the constant foot traffic and the proximity to water. In this case we painted the entire clubhouse and cleaned, stained and sealed all the surrounding decking including the ramp to the dock.

Lake Norman pressure washing and staining

We offer commercial and managed properties all around Charlotte the same expert care we provide to our Charlotte’s homes. We’ve transformed many hundreds of homes and commercial and community properties to ensure they look their best. It doesn’t matter if it’s a country club, restaurant, shop, subdivision, hotel or anything else—Renew Crew of Charlotte will ensure that the results are spotless and preserved for years of hard-wearing use.

As you can imagine, commercial spaces present an interesting challenge in that the volume of visitors can quickly wear down any stained surface. Our patented foaming cleaning solution gets deep down into the wood’s crevices without doing any harm to do the surface. Additionally, our special stains and paints offer a higher level of protection that is longer lasting.

We offer the same slate of options for both our residential and commercial customers:

• Wood cleaning and protecting (sealing)
• Concrete cleaning (driveway, walkways and sidewalks)
• Patio, deck and hardscape cleaning and protection
• Siding cleaning ( vinyl, wood, etc…) includes staining and paint if desired
• Trim detail cleaning (fascia, eaves, etc…)
• Pressure washing
• Gutter cleaning
• Fence cleaning
• More!

commercial wooden surface cleaning Charlotte NC

Renew Crew of Charlotte will attack any exterior area you or your business needs refreshed and rejuvenated with a thorough washing, staining/painting and protecting. It doesn’t matter what the structure is, we will take care of it so that it looks beautiful to your guests and customers alike. We only use our patented foaming cleansers that are environmentally friendly and safe for your family, landscaping foliage and pets. We do not utilize bleach products or any other damaging and dangerous chemicals that are noxious, foul-smelling or can aggravate your lungs. Our technicians are highly experienced, so they will not do any damage to your home or business. At the same time we will remove years of stains and grunge, then stain and seal your wood surfaces so they are protected and provide your investment with years of solid service.

Call Renew Crew of Charlotte today to keep your wood, hardscape and siding in your residential or commercial space clean and preserved. Give us a call for a free consultation at 704-445-3210 or send us an email at charlotte.renewcrewclean.com
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