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It's more than clean, it's Renew Crew Clean

Renew Crew of Charlotte and Archadeck of Charlotte -- the perfect recipe for outdoor living bliss!

Charlotteans know us as Renew Crew of Charlotte when they see our vans zipping around town, but we are also part of the of Archadeck of Charlotte family as well. This means that we are part of a full-scale outdoor living company that has been in business over 28 years designing and building any outdoor structure you can imagine such as decks, patios, outdoor kitchens, screened porches and much more. Being a part of this amazing team means that we can clean and maintain your new or existing outdoor structure to ensure years of longevity and enjoyment.

This is an immense benefit to our customers because when we see an issue on a deck, fence or outdoor building, we can evaluate it for issues when we consult for cleaning, staining or sealing it. We can give you a realistic report on its exact condition, and what might need repairs. Other cleaning companies would simply tell you that you need to find a local contractor to fix the issue, but at Renew Crew of Charlotte we can recommend Archadeck of Charlotte to take care of any issues you may be having prior to the cleaning and re-staining. We will not waste your time or money cleaning something that is in need of repair or is structurally unsound or a safety hazard for you and your family. Our competitors do not have the capacity to do this, and are only there to clean your structure. This leaves you in a quandary because why would you clean something that is in rough shape and needs a little, or a lot of TLC first? Don’t put the cart before the horse—get it done right!

Huntersville NC deck cleaning
Custom deck addition by Archadeck of Charlotte in Huntersville, NC

At Renew Crew we are able to inspect your structure before we begin cleaning it to confirm it is in tip shop shape. Once any needed repairs are made if necessary, we can then give you that sparkling clean you expect. What’s the point of cleaning something that might need some help to get rid of some wear and tear first? With our sister company Archadeck of Charlotte, we can not only build, upgrade any outdoor structure in your backyard, we can then keep is clean and maintained so that it last for years despite the sun, rain, snow and ice that pelts our area each year. That offers our customers peace of mind that they are getting complete service that is watching out for the interests of their expensive backyard structures.

We can also clean and renew ALL your outdoor surfaces, not just decks and patios —We can gently clean your home siding whether it is vinyl, stucco, aluminum, etc. We can put a new face on your fence, deck, patio, shed, walkways, driveway, pool deck, pergola and more! No matter what you’ve got outdoors that is looking dingy and can use a cleaning, it is something we can tackle for you at a budget friendly price. Our foaming cleansers are mild on the environment and are not toxic to your kids, pets or landscaping. We do not use severe bleach-based products that damage wood, kill your plants and have an offensive odor that can cause negative allergic reactions. After we clean your surfaces, we can stain or paint them and then seal them for a long lasting finish so they are protected. Let Renew Crew do it right the first time so your surfaces look nearly brand new and revitalized!

Let Renew Crew of Charlotte take the responsibility of maintaining your wood deck, house siding and other outdoor structures! Give us a call for a free consultation at 704-445-3210 or send us an email at charlotte.renewcrewclean.com. We can help you with a build or addition to your backyard too!
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