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It's more than clean, it's Renew Crew Clean

We Clean and Restore More than Just Decks at Renew Crew of Charlotte!

We realize when our customers contact us they initially think we just clean decks—and we can sense the excitement the moment they hear we do much more than that. We are able to offer a whole house clean package that literally gets every outdoor surface you have sparkling clean! There’s virtually no outdoor surface that can’t benefit from our services including your driveway, sidewalks, deck, home siding (even stucco), fence, shed, pool deck, patio and even your roof shingles!

Renew Crew cleans all outdoor surfaces

If you are dealing with stained, dirty or moldy outdoor surfaces that have seen better days, this is the kind of challenge that Renew Crew of Charlotte loves to take on. No, we don’t use high-powered washers that blast away and can damage surfaces and weaken them. We have expressly developed gentle foaming cleaners that deeply penetrate grimy stains and lift them off thanks to our special formulation. These cleansers do the hard work, so we don’t have to use any excessively high powered water to remove dirt. Everything is safe to your surfaces and safe for your pets, family and landscape.

vinyl siding foam cleaning

Don’t waste your time hiring a no-name guy with a power washer that shoves a flier into your mailbox. We are licensed, insured and bonded, and our technicians have been professionally trained to clean every aspect of a home and your property. We don’t use caustic bleach products that smell awful, damage wood and are bad for the environment and will kill your landscape plants. Everything we use is non-toxic and mild, yet it gets the job done. When we are done, you will absolutely agree that everything looks almost as good as new. We also won’t damage your wood, brick, stone or stucco and then disappear when you are unhappy with the damage they’ve wreaked due to lack of experience or proper cleansers. We guarantee everything we do and we protect your investment fully.

sidewalk cleaning by Renew Crew of Charlotte

There’s virtually no outdoor surface that we can’t take care of for you, and if it’s grubby and slimy, you can bet we can get if clean and looking refreshed. If you want a dazzling fresh look that is harmless to your kids, pets and plants then you can have it all. We go BEYOND the deck and can tackle any outdoor surface you can toss at us—even delicate stucco and metal siding, too! Our rates are competitive and we guarantee your satisfaction. Call us now before summer parties get underway! Let’s impress your guests with a whole house clean!

Let Renew Crew of Charlotte take the responsibility of maintaining your wood deck, house siding, and other outdoor structures! Give us a call for a free consultation at 704-445-3210or send us an email at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you soon!