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Cleaning your home and staying on top of exterior maintenance can increase your home's value!

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As we begin a new year, many Charlotte area homeowners are making plans to not only enhance the curb appeal and beauty of their homes but also get their homes ready to place on the market in the early spring. Late February through March is known to be the best time of year to list your home. Whether you are looking to upgrade to a larger home, downsize or move into a different area, making your home more appealing to more buyers is important. Before you begin to schedule costly upgrades to your home it is always a good idea to improve the appearance and “sale-ability” of the investment you already have by having the inside and outside of your home clean and looking its best.

According to a recent article featured in HGTV that outlines the top 30 tips on increasing your home’s value, cleaning and maintenance are some of the least expensive and easiest things a homeowner can do to boost curb appeal!

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According to the article “30 Tips for Increasing Your Home’s Value” these two recommendations “shine” through for increasing the face value for prospective buyers:

Cleanliness counts

The old adage that you only get one shot at a first impression is true. So, make your home shine from the moment someone pulls into the driveway and walks through the door. Hiring a cleaning service to clean the exterior and interior of your home will ensure a thorough top-to-bottom scrubbing. Even if you clean your home regularly, there are nooks and crannies that you may miss or overlook. Let a cleaning service do the dirty work to really make your home sparkle.

Keeping up With Regular Maintenance

The article suggests walking around your home and making a list of all the little things that are broken or in need of repair. This includes the exterior as well as the interior areas of your home. Individually, small repairs might not seem important, but if every area has just one thing wrong, those small things will add up to create the impression that your home has been neglected. This may include a front door bell that doesn’t work or even a backyard deck that is dirty and in need of staining. Staying on top of maintenance today also eliminates problems down the road should you decide to sell. There is no substitute for being a proactive homeowner and keeping up with maintenance on your home and outdoor structures — and the difference shows!

These two areas are where Renew Crew of Charlotte can help. Our specialty is helping you maintain a clean and maintained home through our exterior cleaning and renewal services. We offer a wide menu of services from whole home exterior cleaning to deck cleaning and staining and much more a’ la carte. Our experienced exterior cleaning and sealing professional can evaluate the surfaces during a free walk-through consultation to help you determine the areas that need the most attention. If you are thinking of selling your home in the near future — you can leave all the “dirty work” to us!

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Renew Crew of Charlotte will tackle any exterior area you need revitalized with a thorough washing. We will take care of your house, patio, driveway, sidewalk, fence, pool deck, garage, shed and any other outdoor structure that needs to look its best. We only use our patented foaming cleansers that are environmentally-friendly and safe for your family, landscaping and pets. We do not use bleach or any damaging chemicals that are toxic, malodorous or can irritate your lungs. Our techs are trained to pay special attention to your home and outdoor structures thanks to our gentle cleansers that do not require high pressure washers to get the task done. When they are done removing years of grime, we can stain and seal your wood surfaces so they provide years of service and stay looking their best longer.

Here is a list of the exterior cleaning and renewal services we offer. Don’t see your item of interest on the list? Call us — chances are we can take care of your specific concerns with our Renew Crew Clean too!

  • Wood Cleaning & Protection
  • Concrete Cleaning & Protection
  • Pavers and Hardscape Cleaning & Protection
  • Siding Cleaning & Protection
  • Gutter Cleaning & Protection
  • Outdoor Living Space Cleaning & Protection
  • Deck Cleaning & Sealing
  • Patio Cleaning & Protection
  • Sidewalk Cleaning & Protection
  • Pressure Cleaning
  • Commercial Pressure Washing
  • And Much More!

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