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Why is Your Charlotte Deck So Much More Than a Deck?

Here in the Queen City area, your outdoor living space is the prime real estate, and center stage is your deck. Our fantastic climate allows your outdoor spaces to become one of the home’s most utilized spaces. Let’s look at a typical day in the life of the family deck:

In the early morning, your backyard deck serves as a breakfast nook with fresh air and a view before beginning your busy day. Mid-afternoon, before the bus drops off the kids, it’s the place for Mom to take a quick break with her favorite magazines and refreshing lemonade. Just after school, it’s the best place for your son’s science group to work on their “live action” volcano for the science fair. By evening, the grill is going with burgers for dinner, the table is set and since the volcano is complete, the kids are playing in the yard. Once dinner is finished, the dishes are all cleaned up, the last science group member has been picked up and the bedtime ritual is complete…ahhh. Now it’s time for a nice bottle of wine and some soulful jazz playing softly in the background as you relax and unwind from your hectic day, on the deck… under the stars.

Renew Crew before and after deck cleaning and staining

See what I mean? And that’s just one day in the life of your backyard deck…that doesn’t even cover the foot traffic and activities the occur during the annual cocktail parties, family gatherings, holiday events, birthday celebrations, pool parties, club meetings and weekly barbecues. All of these wonderful moments with family and friends are the reasons you cherish this incredibly versatile space as part of your home. As such, it deserves the proper care and maintenance to protect it from exposure to the elements, the changing seasons, Father time and everyday wear and tear.

deck staining by Renew Crew of Charlotte

Proper deck care and maintenance involve protecting your beloved deck with cleaning and sealing. Renew Crew of Charlotte is the area’s first and only choice for professional exterior surface cleaning and protection. We can clean and protect your deck, making it ready to handle all of your special events and even the most robust everyday use.

Ipe wood deck cleaning and staining by Renew Crew of Charlotte!

Renew Crew has perfected an eco-friendly, quality deck cleaning experience through our exclusive 3-step cleaning and sealing process to combat both time and the elements. It starts with pre-soak foam which loosens the grime that has built up on the surfaces. Unlike outdoor cleaners that most pressure washing companies use, ours is environmentally friendly and won’t cause any damage to plants, animals or your home. This is followed by a non-damaging controlled pressure rinse. However, it is our third and final step, which truly sets us apart from other deck cleaning companies. We take cleaning and exterior surface rejuvenation, for your deck, one step further by protecting it to repel harmful outdoor elements, including UV rays.

How does your deck look? If you find it in need of renewal or if you are interested in keeping your new deck or other outdoor surfaces looking new, give us a call for a free consultation at 704-445-3210 or send us an email at [email protected] to learn more about all the exterior the surfaces we clean and renew through our proven cleaning and restoring process.

“Let Renew Crew of Charlotte give your deck and outdoor surfaces the care and attention they deserve!”