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Lake Norman Deck Staining at its Finest!

How old does your deck currently appear? Does it look years beyond its actual age? If so, that’s where Renew Crew of Charlotte can help! We specialize in taking decks that are fading and succumbing to the elements and completely revitalizing them. We offer the most thorough and comprehensive deck cleaning and staining services in the entire Lake Norman area. Furthermore, if you need your dock cleaned and stained, we’re the company to call! 704-445-3210!

Lake Norman deck cleaning and staining

Let’s face it, who wants to rent or buy a pressure washer, fully clean their deck, wait for it to completely dry, and then stain it? It’s a difficult job and one that could result in actual damage to your deck if done incorrectly. That’s precisely why you should leave this type of work to professionals. We know the precise level of pressure to clean your deck. We don’t use harsh chemicals to stain and seal your deck, either. Don’t destroy your deck by using a high-strength pressure washer!

protect a deck with Renew Crew of Charlotte's cleaning process

In addition to gently cleaning your deck and removing all discoloring agents, we’ll then apply a protectant stain and sealant to make your deck look better than ever before and keep it looking that way by protecting it from dirt, grime, mold and UV rays. Water, UV rays and dirt make the perfect recipe for green mold. You’ve most likely seen it on your deck before. Now that leaves are falling, if you dont’ remove them from your deck, they’ll also result in discoloring marks on your deck.

Renew Crew will clean and stain your Lake Norman deck

If you’re looking for a reliable, nationally-backed deck cleaning and staining company in the Lake Norman area, call Renew Crew of Charlotte today at 704-445-3210 or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you soon!