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Renew Crew of Charlotte Explores the Dangers of Bleach for Cleaning Outdoor Surfaces

The myth of using bleach as a deck cleanser has been ongoing for decades, and it can’t be more wrong! Unscrupulous and uneducated cleaning companies will incorrectly utilize bleach to clean a deck and other outdoor surfaces and this is very damaging and as environmentally unfriendly as it can get. Less knowledgable cleaning crews use bleach by the bucketful to supposedly clean your deck because it’s low-cost to them, but it’s extremely harmful to your surfaces, your landscaping and most of all — your family.

Bleach is highly poisonous to breathe in and it breaks down decking made of natural wood and composite to the point that it will need to be replaced because it deteriorates the makeup of the structure’s integrity. In fact, many composite board manufacturers will void your warranty if bleach is used as a cleaner. It’s so damaging and harmful that it can cause innumerable health problems such as vomiting, injury to your lungs, burns, and excruciating headaches. And it doesn’t only affect humans—it also affects our pets too.

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Chlorine bleach is so destructive that it causes chipping, cracking and splintering of both natural and composite deck boards. It is highly corrosive, putting the structural components of your deck at risk as well. Anything such as screws, nails, bolts and hangers will be damaged and pitted over time as bleach wreak its havoc on the support of your deck. Instead of having a structure that can last several decades, you will be replacing it sooner rather than later thanks to the acidic nature of this harsh chemical. Why would you throw away a big investment in a deck only to have a cleaning crew destroy it because bleach is cheap and easily accessible at any big box store?

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Not only is the fact that many exterior surface cleaning companies use bleach, but they also typically use a high PSI power washer to attempt to scour your deck clean, and there is nothing worse than an unqualified crew damaging your decking boards because they are using unnecessarily high levels of water pressure to wash your deck. You are risking pitting and rupturing your deck boards with excessive and unnecessary water force and the only way to fix that is simply through replacement.

Choose Renew Crew of Charlotte to preserve your deck for years of enjoyment and to properly care and clean your deck with environmentally-friendly foaming cleaners that are harmless to you, your pets, your shrubbery and the deck itself. With regular maintenance, we can assure you that your deck will last and provide your family with plenty of enjoyment for years to come. We only use our proprietary cleansers, stains and sealers that will prolong the life of your deck and your enjoyment of it without the hassle. We can get rid of mold and mildew the safe way with cleansers that are safe, and you don’t have to worry about damage to your landscaping. Our friendly foaming cleanser is what does the trick as it gently lifts off years of dirt, grime, grease, mold and mildew in a gently.

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In addition, our products aren’t stinky, noxious or hazardous. Not only do we clean your deck, but we can also stain and properly seal it afterwards so it is protected from detrimental ultraviolet rays and resistent to mold and mildew. An old deck—whether wood or composite—will look almost as if it’s brand spanking new. We also clean all you outdoor surfaces including masonry, stone concrete and even your home’s siding!

Don’t succumb to a “fly-by-nighter” with a power washer who leaves a flier on your mailbox! Outdoor surface cleaning and renewal is all we do, all the time. Protect your outdoor structures by calling Renew Crew of Charlotte to keep your outdoor surfaces looking great year after year! Give us a call for a free consultation at 704-445-3210 or email us at [email protected] today!