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How often should my Charlotte wooden deck be stained?

  • Out of all the inquiries we receive at Renew Crew of Charlotte in regards to our exterior cleaning and sealing services, the question of “how often should my Charlotte wooden deck be stained”, is the most frequently asked.

To answer this question, there are many factors that come into play. #1 has your wooden deck been maintained properly since installation? #2 what is the proximity and placement of your deck in regards to the sun, or is your deck located in a more northerly exposure? What type (or species) of wood is your deck built from — Pressure treated pine or a hardwood such as Ipe?

how often to stain your deck in Charlotte NC
(Newly cleaned & stained pressure treated deck on Lake Norman by Renew Crew of Charlotte)

Answering these questions helps determine the frequency your deck needs to be stained in order to keep it looking, and performing, its best. Keep in mind that the location of your deck in proximity with the sun, or shade, can determine how your deck’s surface will respond to outside influences such as fading from sun exposure, or mold and mildew accumulation from a northern orientation. There are dozens of factors involved when determining the frequency to stain your outdoor deck, each of which can influence the stain’s longevity. Keep in mind your outdoor living space is exposed directly to the elements such as UV rays during summer and during winter is exposed to extremely cold temperatures.

before a Renew Crew Clean
(Same Lake Norman deck before Renew Crew of Charlotte completed cleaning and staining)

When all these factors come into play, your particular deck may require restaining each year, or maybe every other year. Here at Renew Crew of Charlotte we have the solution for homeowners that may have a deck that requires more or less attention — our Renew Crew Maintenance program! This program takes the “guess-work” out of knowing when is the right time to maintain your outdoor space in order to keep it looking, and functioning, at optimal performance. Once we have cleaned and sealed your deck we can sign you up to participate in our maintenance program. This means every three months following completion of the initial service, one of our experts will inspect your deck to make sure the stain is doing its job, to see if a cleaning or any touch ups are needed. If this is the case, we will schedule accordingly. By paying close attention to your deck, and using this approach, we can keep your deck looking beautiful much longer and save you money over the life of your deck. We care about our customers and strive to enhance their outdoor living experience by taking care of maintenance of your space, so you don’t have to worry about it!

patio cleaning in Charlotte NC

If your existing deck is in need of a makeover or if you are interested in keeping your new deck or wooden outdoor structure looking new, give us a call for a free consultation at 704-445-3210 or send us an email at to learn more about all the exterior the surfaces we clean and renew through our proven cleaning and restoring process.