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It's more than clean, it's Renew Crew Clean

Let Renew Crew of Charlotte help revilatize your NoDa, South End or Plaza-Midwood outdoor surfaces!

deck cleaning Plaza MidwoodThe team at Renew Crew of Charlotte loves what we are witnessing around the Queen City as many vintage areas are being revitalized! Homeowners are buying into the North Davidson (NoDA), South End, Elizabeth and Plaza-Midwood areas in and around uptown and turning them into hot neighborhoods that are in demand. The surge in popularity within these established communities is making what’s old new again and one of the fastest growing demographics in the area.

deck cleaning Plaza MidwoodMany homeowners are buying these wonderful older homes looking to restore them to their former grandeur, and we have been thrilled to be part of the restorations and improvements in these areas. We have been busy cleaning, staining and sealing many decks, porches, fences and patios—and also breathing new life into homes with old siding, brick, stone and stucco facades. Renew Crew of Charlotte can help be part of the restoration of your vintage home by removing years of grime and mold off virtually any outdoor space on your property. We take care of siding, driveways, sidewalks, walkways, garages, sheds, and more!

deck foam cleaning Plaza Midwood

While you remodel the interior of your home to show off its vintage beauty, let Renew Crew of Charlotte help you tackle the outside. Your friends, family and neighbors will be amazed at how we can get things looking nearly brand new with our Renew Crew clean process. We can get all your home’s exterior surfaces shiny clean without a mega sized investment. Getting rid of decades of grunge, algae and mold that can make your house look bad and lower its curb appeal and even its value! Protect your investment with our patented eco-friendly, safe cleaning and sealing process that inflicts zero damage to your structures or landscape. This much-needed maintenance saves your home and property from going into ruin due to neglect, and ensures your outdoor surfaces last as long as possible without need for a costly replacement thanks to proper care.

Our cleaning solutions are earth-friendly and do not use noxious bleach-based chemicals that can cause harm. Our gentle foaming cleansers are specially formulated to lift dirt without the need for a high pressure washer that is extremely damaging. Disregarding your home’s siding, deck, fencing, patio, pool deck or shed will lead to rot and other damage that can lead to an expensive replacement due to inattention.

pool patio cleaning and sealing Plaza Midwood

Renew Crew of Charlotte will get your home clean, provide a new coat of stain and then seal everything to protect it and refresh the whole look of your exterior. You can ensure your home and structures will be guarded against detrimental sun, rain, ice and snow for years and bring your pride of ownership.

Call Renew Crew of Charlotte today to protect your home from looking shabby and grimy! We can give your home a fresh new look in just a day or two. Give us a call for a free consultation at 704-445-3210 or send us an email atcharlotte.renewcrewclean.com