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Let Renew Crew of Charlotte help winterize your exterior surfaces!

Falling leaves and cooler temperatures signal the turn of the season and that means needing to prepare your home for winter. Your outdoor surfaces and living spaces are no exception; these are often the most-loved areas of your home, where you have enjoyed months of summer barbecues and gatherings. All that foot traffic wear, tear and direct sunlight can take its toll one surfaces. Renew Crew of Charlotte can safeguard these areas and prepare them for the harsh Charlotte winter weather ahead.

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At Renew Crew of Charlotte, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with the cleanest outdoor surfaces on the block. Whether it’s your deck, siding, patio, driveway gutters or sidewalks, we can bring your time-worn, dirty exterior surfaces back to life, however, there is more to keeping your outdoor surfaces and outdoor living spaces clean which homeowners can do at home.

This is the time of year where homeowners pack away their outdoor furniture and accessories for the winter, but it’s not enough to put them in storage and leave them until next year. Taking a little extra time now while make sure you are pleased with everything come springtime when it’s time to use everything again. Here are some tips for winterizing your outdoor living space:

  • Figure out what can stay outdoors and what needs to be stored. Some homeowners think that if it’s meant to be used outdoors, it can stay outdoors all the time without damage. That isn’t the case. For example, plastic furniture tends to turn brittle if left outside all year round, so it’s important that it is taken out of the elements in the winter months.
  • Vacuum and spot clean any outdoor cushions or rugs. The longer dirt sits on any fabric, the more likely it is to stain. Dust, pollen and dirt will build up over the summer, so take the time to vacuum and spot clean everything before storing them for the winter.
  • Don’t cover or seal any furniture, accessories or rugs that are damp. Dampness leads to mold when not handled properly. Make sure everything is completely dry before covering or sealing it.
  • Do some research and see if anything should be treated before the winter. For example, teak is a dense wood that repels bugs and rot very well and can stay outside all year round. It is best, however, if it is treated with an oil before the harsh winter elements. Similarly, it’s important to wax aluminum furniture periodically for it to last longer.
  • As the winter continues, brush off anything that gathers or falls on outdoor furniture. For example, as the snow or ice melts and leaves puddles on your covered furniture, go out and knock off the standing water. It will keep your covers in better shape and stop anything from getting to your furniture.
  • Now is also a good time to clean your grill. Clean the racks of your grill with a grill brush and coat the burners and other metal parts with cooking oil to repel moisture and prevent rust. If it’s a gas grill, turn it on and let the last of the gas burn off. Remove the tank from a propane grill and store outdoors, away from the house. Tape a plastic bag over the gas line opening to keep curious critters from nesting there. No matter the grill type, a heavy-duty vinyl cover should keep it safe and dry all winter long.
  • Before the first freeze, move plants you intend to overwinter indoors. Outdoor planters that may be too big to bring inside can be wrapped with a heavily insulated material, like burlap, and moved to an area of the space that will allow them to still get enough direct sunlight. Also, check any plants for insects prior to bringing indoors for the winter.

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When it comes to winterizing your deck, the most important safeguard against winter is to clean, maintain and defend the surface itself: Heavy foot traffic, barbecue grill stains and exposure to the elements can not only ruin the deck’s appearance but also create the perfect environment for the growth of mold and mildew. Renew Crew of Charlotte points our that these conditions make it important to thoroughly clean the remnants of a summer well spent and get your deck ready for winter. We have perfected an eco-friendly, quality deck cleaning experience through an exclusive 3-step cleaning and sealing process to combat time, grime and the elements.

Now is the perfect time of year to tackle your outdoor winterizing chores, with the heat of summer giving way to cooler fall temperatures, contact Renew Crew of Charlotte today at 704-445-3210 schedule an appointment.