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Avoid Toxic and Dangerous Bleach when Cleaning a Deck! It can Cause Damage to Your Health, your Landscape and the Life of the Structure!

Many deck cleaning companies which aren’t environmentally proactive will use bleach as a liquid solvent for cleaning your deck because it’s cheap and readily available without much fuss on their part. Just because it’s easy for them, doesn’t make it good for you, your deck or your landscape plants.

Bleach should never be used on wood or composite decking as a surface cleaner as it is highly damaging and toxic. Bleach is extremely noxious to inhale and contact can cause you and your pet’s respiratory issues, skin burns, painful headaches, harm to your nervous system and nausea. It’s downright dangerous!

Lumber and composite decking companies will caution you that bleach will fade and weaken wood and composites and will lead to splinters, chips, and cracks. Chlorine bleach is highly acidic and will corrode metal, so you are jeopardizing the bolts, screws, nails and hanging hardware that keep your deck together. If bleach is used continually to clean a deck over time, it can inevitably lead to an early breakdown of the deck to the point that it will have to be replaced. With an investment that large, the goal is to keep it sound for as long as you can so that it survives beyond its statistical life with proper care and maintenance. If you use the proper and safe cleaners, stains and sealers such as the ones we use at Renew Crew of Charlotte, then you can have a long-lasting deck without question.

Don’t let these cleaning companies tell you that bleach kills mold either. That is simply not true over time. In fact, bleach often encourages mold to return even worse than before. Since bleach vaporizes very quickly on surfaces (particularly when exposed to sun), it never has enough time to kill most mold’s interior living core—and that’s why many people notice that the mold will often return and be even more hostile than before and of an even darker color. Delicate landscape plants that you’ve spent lots of money on and time caring for will absolutely be damaged by chlorine bleach too. Their delicate roots and leaf structure cannot withstand the harsh chemicals and it will kill the plant or shrub without question.

Why risk your landscaping, the longevity of your deck structure and the health of your family and pets? And that doesn’t even include the damage that an inexperienced cleaning crew can wield with a power washer on the wrong setting that can pit and mar your deck and cause irreparable damage and ultimately the replacement of expensive decking boards. Anyone can stuff a flier in your mailbox and claim to clean your deck on the cheap who doesn’t know what they are doing simply because they own a power washer. Don’t fall prey to unscrupulous and alleged “deck and siding cleaning companies” that have no real background in the industry, and if damage is done will simply disappear and not stand behind a repair. Let Renew Crew of Charlotte do it right and clean your deck safely and help you maintain it so that it lasts. And you can be assured that our pricing is in line with any of our competition, too and we back everything we do.

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Our environmentally friendly method of eliminating years of dirt, mold, and mildew with our special unique foaming cleaning solution gently removes years of ugly filth without damaging the wood or composite. We don’t use any dangerous or foul-smelling products such as chlorine, and we also complete the job with our patented sealer that then protects your deck harmful UV rays and repels mold and mildew build up. Your old wood will have a fresh look that is pretty close to brand new!

To safely clean and protect your deck without the use of hazardous and harsh toxic chemicals, give Renew Crew of Charlotte a call today to learn more about our keeping your outdoor surfaces looking great year after year! Give us a call for a free consultation at 704-445-3212 or send us an email at [email protected].