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Fallen Leaves + Rain = A Disaster on Your Driveway. Renew Crew of Charlotte to the Rescue!

As I was leaving my neighborhood this morning I noticed several people already up and busy at work blowing or raking the fallen leaves. I also noticed some of the leaves had already left unsightly stains on many of my neighbors’ concrete driveways and sidewalks. The combination of fallen leaves plus our recent rain can make these stains difficult to remove. This is where Renew Crew of Charlotte can help. Our process can bring all your concrete exterior surfaces back to life, from your driveway, sidewalks, and even your patio.

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Leaf stains are more than just unsightly they can lead to degradation of your concrete surfaces and if left can lead to permanent damage and staining. Oak trees in particular, though treasured throughout the Charlotte area for their beauty, leave what is known as “tannis” behind, which can stain your driveway, patio, and other concrete surfaces. As we move into the time of year when guests will be visiting our homes for the holidays, it is helpful to welcome them with a distinct path of travel which begins with a clean driveway and sidewalks. Here is what we recommend to keep your driveway clean and in good condition:

  • Keep the leaves up and off the driveway throughout the fall. It is often easier to blow or rake them in smaller intervals more often than to save the task for the end of the season once they all fall. This will help prevent moisture from adhering to the leaves and leaving colored patterns on the surface. Leaves that are dry are less prone to staining.
  • Try to avoid piling leaves near your driveway or other exterior surfaces. This will prevent the wind to blow the leaves, and all your hard work, back onto the surfaces.
  • Have your concrete surfaces professionally cleaned and sealed as part of your home’s routine maintenance. Cleaning and sealing the surface will aid in preventing staining from not only leaves but also other forces that may contribute to staining and soiling the concrete.
  • Concrete is a strong material that can stand up to a lot, but it is also a very porous material that requires a sealant to last. Whether it is oil or water, leaf stains and debris concrete sucks it up when it is not properly sealed. The oil will settle in the concrete and stain your walkway or driveway. Moisture settles in concrete and can also damage the integrity of the material, especially in colder climates. When the moisture freezes, it expands and cracks the concrete.
  • Avoid companies that want to bleach out leaf stains instead of cleaning them. Many pressure washing companies instill the use of chlorine bleach or oxalic acid, these chemicals will degrade concrete, plus, why introduce harmful chemicals into the area an area that may hurt you or damage your turf and plants? Bleach also leaves inconsistent coloring on outdoor surfaces. Renew Crew of Charlotte’s method involves the use of eco-friendly cleaners and fresh water. We outperform companies that utilize chemicals that can harm your landscape, pets and the environment!

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At Renew Crew of Charlotte, we provide concrete cleaning and sealing to not only make your concrete last longer, but also look better. While some embedded stains may be too difficult to erase entirely, our exclusive cleaning solution and light pressure washing will wash away most dirt that has built up over time.

After cleaning the concrete, we come back to seal it. The sealant, which is available in several finishes, will close open pores on the surface, stopping dirt, oil, water, etc. from penetrating concrete — leaving your driveway, sidewalks and other concrete surfaces Renew Crew Clean!