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Did Summer Heat and Fall Leaves Stain Your Deck? Not to Worry!

Maintaining your deck is no joke. We see customers all the time that have neglected one of the most used and most expensive architectural items in their yard thinking they can just put off the maintenance “until next year.” A summer of heavy heat, humidity and beating sunlight like the one we are having this year in the Charlotte area takes a toll on your deck and outdoors structures and it can also shorten their lifespan. Moisture, humidity and high heat do serious damage to a deck because it is forced to expand and contract which leads to cracking, splinters and potential warping. Your best route of protection is to establish an annual routine to ensure your deck gives you years of great entertaining service without the need for costly repairs.

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It doesn’t matter whether your deck is made of wood or a composite, it should be cleaned on a regular maintenance schedule to rid it of mildew which will most definitely lead to not only the ruin of a good deck, but it can be slippery and lead to falls. Clearing out all loose debris like leaves and twigs in the corners, in between the decking boards and even underneath the decking structure is very important since acids can leach out from these stray materials and do damage over time.

Washing your deck to enjoy during the outdoor living season is a no-brainer, and Renew Crew of Charlotte is careful to use environmentally friendly products that will not harm your surrounding landscape plants, pets or your family. We’ve seen many homeowners who attempted to save money on a deck cleaning by using a harsh power washer and have done serious damage such as splintering and heavy gouging of the wood. We use a specially formulated foaming product that gently, but vigorously lifts off dirt, grime, BBQ grease and food remnants without the harsh use of any nasty or harmful chemicals.

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It’s also important to use a good quality stain and/or sealer that provides UV protection and allows water to bead against the flat surface. These treatments also help prevent future dirt and mildew from accumulating with special blockers. When done the Renew Crew way, this revitalization will make it look like you’ve almost got a brand new deck! We even take care of your railings, spindles and gates which are always tricky for the average homeowner to tackle as it can be very time consuming, but it’s just another part of your deck for us and we’ve got lots of experience handing these smaller and more intricate parts with no fuss.

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Even if you’ve ignored your backyard structures for longer than you should have, it’s truly not too late to have Renew Crew of Charlotte come in and salvage a deck that has seen better days in terms of maintenance that has been put off. Renew Crew of Charlotte can put you on the annual calendar of regular maintenance and we can contact you when it’s time to give your deck a check. You won’t even have to worry or think about it and we can take care of everything even if you aren’t home. While a wooden deck does require periodic cleaning and maintenance, the investment in both time and materials is absolutely worthwhile on an annual basis to avoid costly repairs later. Plus, a great looking deck adds value to the home and is inviting to family and friends.

Contact Renew Crew of Charlotte to get yourself on a regular routine deck maintenance schedule at 704-445-3210. It’s not too late to take care of issues before winter kicks and snow and ice also have further destructive effects. You can check out our gallery on our website at: charlotte.renewcrewclean.com and see what a transformation a simple cleaning, stain and sealer can make. Best of all, it’s way cheaper than replacing a deck or major repairs!