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As many informed homeowners already know, properly cleaning and protecting Flagstone exterior surfaces, such as patios and retaining walls, is a delicate process. There are few companies in our area that have the knowledge, expertise or experience necessary to clean and seal Flagstone. Renew Crew of Charlotte counts the cleaning and protection of Flagstone surfaces as one of our specialties, and for this we are proud.

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Flagstone itself is an upscale exterior surface material, and improper cleaning can result in permanent damage to it. Most high-end Flagstone patios use sand or pea gravel in the joints, this means that individual stones may likely have to be cleaned by hand. For care-intensive cleaning such as this Renew Crew not only has a gentle cleaning solution but also a gentle cleaning process. Our process also entails sealing your surface, this will renew the natural beauty and color of your Flagstone and protect it from damaging UV rays.

The varied colors of Flagstone can range from grey, rose tones to browns, reds, peach and everything in between.The undulation of Flagstone mixed with its rustic tones is a driving force for many homeowners who choose this material as their hardscape medium. Over time, and exposure to the forces of Mother Nature, Flagstone can dull in color. The key to maintaining the beauty of your investment, whether a patio, pathways or a retaining wall, is to keep it clean and protected.

Charlotte NC flagstone cleaning

Renew Crew of Charlotte just finished cleaning and sealing a flagstone patio as part of a Renew Crew clean project which also included exterior siding cleaning. The end result after cleaning both surfaces looks phenomenal! These Charlotte homeowners are elated with the new look of their home, and are excited about enjoying their “renewed” patio space in the months ahead!

If you are ready to bring your flagstone patio and outdoor surfaces back to life, just in time for the outdoor living season give us a call at (704) 445-3210 or email us at [email protected].