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Renew Crew of Charlotte addresses the Top 5 most asked questions about deck maintenance

Homeowners contact us frequently to inquire about our deck cleaning service. The majority of those inquiries consist of many of the same questions. How long? How often? Why should I choose Renew Crew? Renew Crew of Charlotte provides a safe and highly effective deck cleaning and sealing service. As part of our pledge of satisfaction, we want homeowners to be informed about our process and expectations. With this in mind, I have compiled a list of the top five (5) questions homeowners ask us every day along with the answer to each:

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The 5 most asked question when renewing your deck

  1. How long is this going to last?
  2. How often will I need to re-stain my deck?
  3. What is the difference between oil based stain and water based stain?
  4. Why should I used Renew Crew stain?
  5. How long does it take to dry?

Answer to question #1, how long will the stain last?

Unfortunately, there’s just no way to provide a guarantee for how long a deck stain will last. There are dozens of factors involved when dealing with stain or paint on outdoor decks, fences, patios and even furniture each of which can influence the stain’s longevity. Keep in mind your outdoor living space is exposed directly to sunlight’s UV rays during summer and during winter is exposed to extremely cold temperatures you use your space. Also, take into consideration your space’s exposure during the spring and fall and also how often your space is in use. These are all factors that can influence the longevity of the stain.

Because we use an organic product being applied to an organic material, such as the wood on your deck or fence, you can expect a different reaction every time. Renew Crew cannot guarantee your stain or paint will last 5 years or more. If any other company claims they can guarantee their stain during a specific timeframe they are misrepresenting their brand because no product can guarantee such a thing.

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Answer to #2, how often will I need to re-stain my deck?

This is also one of those questions that we can’t guarantee a definitive timeframe because just as stated above; with organic material (wood) and every deck or fence will have a different reaction. You may have noticed this before in and around your neighborhood. For example, you and your neighbor decide to build a deck at the same time and you purchased your lumber from Home Depot and your neighbor purchased his/her from Lowes. Both of you purchased pressure treated pine and you both decide to stain the deck the same color using the same brand product. Upon completion both decks look exactly the same but, as time goes by you start to notice the your neighbor’s deck is fading much quicker than yours and after one year his deck already need to be re-stained and yours still looks good. Over a two-year period, your neighbor has stained his deck twice and you are ready to have yours stained for the first time!. Does this mean that your neighbor did something wrong? Absolutely not. The wood on his deck just reacted differently to the stain than the wood on your deck leaving his deck requiring more frequent attention than yours.

Here at Renew Crew of Charlotte, we have the solution for homeowners that may have a deck that requires more or less attention — our Renew Crew Maintenance program! This program takes the “guess-work” out of knowing when is the right time to maintain your outdoor space in order to keep it looking, and functioning, at optimal performance. Once we have cleaned and sealed your deck we can sign you up to participate in our maintenance program. This means every three months following completion of the initial service one of our experts will inspect your deck to make sure the stain is doing its job, to see if a cleaning or any touch ups are needed. If this is the case, we will schedule accordingly. By paying close attention to your deck, and using this approach, we can keep your deck looking beautiful much longer and save you money over the life of your deck. We care about our customers and strive to enhance their outdoor living experience by taking care of maintenance of your space, so you don’t have to worry about it!

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Answer to question #3, what is the difference between oil-based stain and water based stain?

People frequently ask this question — and this is my point of view on this matter. First of all, we need to understand what stain is;

A stain is generally a combination of dyes and pigments and tiny non-dissolving, colored particles which are mixed into a carrier, most often mineral spirits or water. There are few differences between water based and oil based as both stains contain dyes and pigments, but in the case of oil-based stains, they are added to mineral spirits, often called paint thinner, which is a petroleum product. In water-based stains, water replaces the mineral spirits.

Traditional oil-based stains have a longer working time, which typically means that from the time you first brush or wipe it onto the wood, you have nearly ten minutes to work with it before it begins to dry. The total drying process takes approximately eight hours, so in most cases you stain one day and apply a finish the next.

Water-based stains dry much faster than oil-based stains. You may only have two or three minutes to apply the water-based stain before it begins to get tacky, so it is always best to work in small sections, especially until you are comfortable using it. One major advantage of using water-based stains is that you can stain and finish your project in the same day. One of the best aspects of water-based stains is they emit no dangerous fumes. If you are sensitive to oil-based fumes or cannot adequately ventilate your work area, you should opt for water-based products.

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Answer to #4, why should I used Renew Crew stain?

The difference between our product and the others is huge and everything has to do with the Preparation before application with our 3 steps cleaning process;

1) Pre-soak
2) Power clean
3) Protective finish

Our Stain delivers several benefits; first, it literally “seals” your deck pores from moisture and precipitation, preventing water damage to the wood.In addition, our stain is very effective against mold, mildew, and rot. Damp wood fibers provide the perfect environment for mold and mildew to grow and thrive; a sealant guards against both by repelling moisture and creating a physical barrier. By “sealing off” the fibers it makes them impenetrable to harmful organisms.

Additionally, at Renew Crew, we use a semi-transparent sealant that shields your deck from the sun’s harmful UV rays, which causes wood to turn an unsightly gray color over time. We believe one of the best things about having a wooden deck is to enjoy the natural beauty of the wood — don’t you agree? By using a semi-transparent stain for deck sealing Renew Crew provides quality protection while still letting the wood’s beauty shine through!

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Answer to #5, how long does it take to dry?

Drying times of all wood finishing products will be affected by the relative humidity and the air temperature in your work area. In short, the higher the humidity or the lower the temperature, the longer it will take to dry. Be sure to read the label of any product you use and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for application. Avoid working in direct sunlight, for the rays of the sun can draw moist air out of the wood and into your stain or finish in the form of bubbles.

If your existing deck is in need of a makeover or if you are interested in keeping your new deck or wooden outdoor structure looking new, give us a call for a free consultation at 704-445-3210 or send us an email at [email protected] to learn more about all the exterior the surfaces we clean and renew through our proven cleaning and restoring process.