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Protect Your Deck from Fall Leaves and Wintertime Abandonment with Renew Crew Pressure Washing

As we approach the end of summer, how is your deck’s appearance? Is it looking crisp and new or is it getting dingier with each and every passing day? If your deck is currently discolored or your paver patio looks absolutely grimy, Renew Crew of Charlotte can help. We offer specialized pressure washing services that will help remove those discoloring agents from your home’s exterior surfaces and then we’ll seal them to ensure they’re ready for all the leaves on your deck during the fall. Believe it or not, leaves left on your deck throughout the winter can cause stains all over your deck, paver patio or flagstone walkways. Call us today at 704-445-3210!

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No matter which type of outdoor surface you need pressure washed, you can count on Renew Crew to do it and do it correctly. We’ve seen, numerous times, homeowners trying to pressure wash their deck and ending up completely destroying the surface with too high of a pressure. Unlike nearly every other pressure washing company in our area, we have a special process that will ensure your deck’s surface is treated gently and looks better than new after we’ve completed the job.

We don’t simply use high pressure to remove the discoloring agents from your deck’s surface. We use a proprietary solution that seeps into your deck’s upper surface and loosens up all the dirt, grime and smudges from foot traffic. Next, we’ll agitate those discoloring agents using a brush and allow the proprietary solution to continue to cause the discoloring agents to rise to the surface. Once enough time has passed, we’ll gently pressure wash your deck, removing years of dirt and grime in one fell swoop.

deck pressure washing in Charlotte NC

We can only show how effective our pressure washing services so much via pictures. We’ve had customers tell us that their friends and neighbors would ask if they had a new deck installed. That’s how effective our pressure washing and staining is. So, make sure to hire a company that specializes in delivering unrivaled results when it comes to deck, patio, paver, flagstone and your home’s exterior/siding cleaning and/or sealing.

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Bring your Charlotte, NC, home’s exterior surfaces back to life by calling the local pressure washing pros at Renew Crew of Charlotte. Call us today at 704-445-3210 or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you soon and bringing your outdoor surfaces back to life!