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Embarrassed by a Shabby Outdoor Deck or Patio these Holidays? Get the Look of New with Least Expense!

With the holidays all wrapped up, were you feeling a little embarrassed by your shabby deck or patio during this year’s family get-together? If you have been ignoring your grimy, dirty and moldy deck that is long overdue on maintenance for far too long, let Renew Crew of Charlotte handle the task for you and give you a fresh new backyard deck that will look good as new.

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We’ve seen customers create havoc by attempting to power wash their own deck and patio. You risk splintering, gouging and creating significant damage with a power washer that is held too close to the surface with a too high PSI and by using harsh chemicals, such as bleach. Our professional and trained technicians take all the hassle out of revitalizing your deck, patio and other outdoor surfaces with our proprietary and safe 3-step process that removes the stress of caring for the biggest investment in your backyard. Neglecting your deck and patio can lead expensive repairs and replacement later, so it’s far less expensive to let Renew Crew of Charlotte give your existing outdoor deck a spiffy new look at a fraction of the cost and add years of useful life.

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Our environmentally friendly approach to removing years of dirt and mildew with our special foaming cleaning agents gently lifts away icky grunge without damaging the wood. We don’t use any harmful or smelly products such as chlorine that can kill your delicate landscaping plants, shrubs and flowers or severely bleach out your wood or unevenly stain and etch your concrete patio. Finally, our sealer then protects your deck or patio from unattractive mold build-up, the harmful rays of the intense sun and other elements. Your old wood will literally come to life and be renewed!

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We can assure you that you will no longer need to feel self-conscious or ashamed about your deck at your next family get together. The Renew Crew of Charlotte will ensure you pride of ownership when you entertain friends at your next outdoor party. We can also tackle your fencing, siding, and walkways too for a complete home overhaul that will not break the bank. Not only does it look great, it protects your biggest investment and adds plenty of curb appeal and resale value through regular maintenance.

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Yes — It’s definitely possible to restore and refresh your deck and patio without environmentally harmful chemicals that leaves a pleasing look and a protective seal that will give you a lot more time in between cleanings and extend the life of the deck–which makes our services far more cost-effective than the average so-called traditional deck power washing companies can provide. It doesn’t matter if it’s wood, concrete, brick or even composite–we will safely clean and protect it with our process that will be entirely family, pet and landscape friendly! If your deck is in good overall shape, we can assure you that we can clean and renew it! Let your next outdoor holiday celebratory event showcase a deck or patio that will leave your guests wondering if you’ve done a whole new and expensive replacement of your existing outdoor structures. We hope you will share the secret!

Ensure your deck or patio are looking fantastic for years to come! Contact Renew Crew of Charlotte today to learn more about our keeping your outdoor surfaces looking great year after year! Give us a call for a free consultation at 704-445-3210 or send us an email at [email protected].