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At Renew Crew of Charlotte, We Never Use Bleach. Here is Why.

During a recent consultation Renew Crew of Charlotte was asked how long it would take the “burnt” areas of the landscaping to revive after the deck was cleaned and sealed. I must confess that we were flabbergasted!! We asked the homeowner to elaborate upon what they meant by “burnt” and that’s when two of the most harmful words in the deck cleaning and maintenance industry were uttered…chlorine bleach. Not only is it toxic to your grass, shrubs and other plants, but exceptionally harmful to your deck’s surface as well. It is for these reasons why bleach is not a part of the Renew Crew proprietary 3-step process.

cleaning deck with bleach

Although chlorine bleach will remove mold and mildew on the wood of your deck, it will also damage your deck’s surface and almost always remove the natural color from the wood. In addition, it will accelerate corrosion of nails, screws, and metal framing connectors, which can lead to premature failure of the deck structure. With so many potentially harmful effects from its use, it’s quite shocking to discover the number of homeowners and business owners who still use it.

pressure wash and deck stain Charlotte

At Renew Crew of Charlotte, we do not use bleach. Our goal is to offer you excellent personal service while delivering a cleaner clean, a greener clean and a longer-lasting clean – all without risking damage to your surfaces or landscaping. Our unique, 3-step process developed as a result of this goal, is as follows:

  • Step 1 – Pre-soak Foam – Our exclusive biodegradable and environmentally-friendly foam clings and penetrates, loosening deep-down dirt and grey wood fibers. The foam lifts the loosened dirt, bringing it to the surface, while also killing mold and mildew without harsh chlorines.
  • Step 2 – Power clean – Non-damaging pressure rinses grime away and releases grey wood fibers. Surfaces are restored to their original appeal without gouging or blasting away good wood, and our power cleaning will not harm your plants.
  • Step 3 – Protective finish – Special polymers enhance and prolong the natural beauty of woods and extend the life of your surfaces. Our protective finish fights weather damage by repelling the elements, including UV rays. It also seals pores to fight dirt buildup.

deck cleaning in Charlotte NC

We specialize in wood cleaning and renewal and are this area’s first choice for premium outdoor surface care. The elements can put some wear and tear on your exterior wood in a hurry. Without proper cleaning and protection, water and sunlight can cause your wood to crack, splinter and turn gray. Renew Crew of Charlotte can restore your wood to like-new condition by using an environmentally safe cleaner and protectant.

professional deck cleaning in Charlotte NC

If you would like to see what a huge difference we can make in bringing your outdoor wooden surfaces back to their original beauty, call us today! Using a professional company that’s highly trained and skilled in the proper cleaning and protection of your wooden surfaces will yield consistently high-quality results. Renew Crew of Charlotte is that professional company and we can help bring your outdoor wooden surface from dead and grey, to bright and vibrant in no time. Give us a call for a free consultation at 704-445-3210 or send us an email at [email protected].