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How Renew Crew of Charlotte is making a difference for Charlotte area homeowners!

In our line of business, we have seen the results of both fly-by-night companies and those who provide less-experienced and less professional services. We have even witnessed those that will take on more than they can handle in terms of scale just to make a quick profit and move on leaving little recourse for the customer. Many clean and seal companies, just as in other trades, will promise the customer the moon only to leave them feeling jilted or with a substandard job.

Renew Crew of Charlotte is different. We strive to form a lasting relationship with our clients that will extend into the future. We don’t want to just serve as the provider for your exterior cleaning and sealing needs once, we want to be the company you can trust and return to in the years to come. Your satisfaction and happiness are that important to us! Here is a heartfelt story of how Renew Crew of Charlotte not only changed the exterior of this customer’s home, but also her life…

Upon initially speaking to this Charlotte homeowner she shared with me she had hired a painting company to restain her entire house. Unfortunately, the job was too big for the company but in lieu of declining due to the scale of the project, they proceeded with the job. Their lack of experience showed in the end result as the company left her with an exterior that degraded her home rather than renew it. The homeowner was also heart-broken because she placed her trust in a company that failed to deliver or make good on their promises.

After her prior encounter, she was reluctant to allow me to take a look at her home, as would be expected after having such a negative initial experience prior to contacting Renew Crew of Charlotte. Upon inspecting the home’s exterior in person, I assured her that we could get her house fixed and looking much better than before. The homeowner decided to give us a chance. I even suggested that she let us do just a small area to inspect with no obligation which would allow her to discern if she wanted us to proceed with the rest of the home.

Needless to say, she loved how the area came out and allowed us to proceed with the project. The finished project is a testament to the talented and experienced team we employ here at Renew Crew of Charlotte. This project involved using our foam power clean and protect system on the entire facade of the home. In addition, we applied over 25 gallons of our Cedar stain, some areas required more attention to rectify the problems set forth by the previous company. The finish enhances the natural beauty of the wood grain while blocking the sun’s damaging UV rays. Our proprietary polymers penetrate the wood’s surface, sealing its pores for the longest-lasting protection possible.

The entire project took 10 days to completed and upon completion, we were able to not only meet the homeowner’s expectations but exceed them! This customer, who was once reluctant due to her negative experience with the prior company is now overjoyed with her “renewed” house!

The expression on the homeowner’s face when the job was completed was priceless. They say “a picture speaks a thousand words”, but at Renew Crew of Charlotte, it’s seeing a happy and satisfied customer –We genuinely care about each and every customer and that shines through on each project!

If the exterior of your home doesn’t look as good as it once was and you want to make it look new again, give us a call for a free consultation at 704-445-3210 or fill out our form here to learn more about all the exterior the surfaces we clean and renew through our proven cleaning and restoring process.