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The outdoor living season is right around the corner; have you looked at your outdoor living spaces lately?

The Charlotte area has received its fair share of chilly weather in the past few weeks. Even though it may seem that warmer days are far off, the outdoor living season is actually right around the corner! March, and in some cases even February have shown an upswing in temperatures throughout the Charlotte region historically. This means that in just a matter of weeks temperatures could be mild enough to enjoy your deck or patio!

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With this in mind, have you looked at the appearance of your deck or patio lately?
Over the winter, snow, ice, rain and even a rise and fall in temperature can wreak havoc on your deck. Although it is important to have your deck professionally restored before winter arrives it is also just as important to have it restored before the outdoor living season begins. This will ensure your deck is in top shape to enjoy the whole season!

Proper deck cleaning and staining is crucial to longevity. Over time and exposure to Mother Nature, mold, mildew, and dirt accumulate on your deck’s surface as your sealant slowly gets worn away. Power washing gives your deck a heavy-duty clean, while a fresh coat of sealant protects your deck from water damage and everyday wear and tear. Unfortunately, if done incorrectly, deck pressure washing can easily mar or damage your wood, causing permanent damage to your deck. That’s why Renew Crew has worked with chemists for almost 20 years to perfect our exclusive 3-step deck cleaning and deck sealing process.

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Here’s how our signature 3-step process works:

  • Our proprietary foam softens grey wood fibers so they can be gently rinsed away
  • The foam clings, soaking in deep to emulsify and lift away embedded dirt
  • The environmentally friendly, non-chlorine formula kills mold and mildew without harming your landscaping or bleaching the luster from your wood
  • Our proprietary, UV-blocking polymer mix penetrates the wood, providing the longest lasting possible seal against the elements
  • Our sealant also guards against future dirt and mold build-up, allowing you to go longer between cleanings

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Step outside and take a look at your outdoor living space(s). If your deck is in need of renewal or if you are interested in keeping your new deck or wooden outdoor structure looking new, give us a call for a free consultation at 704-445-3210 or fill out our form here to learn more about all the exterior the surfaces we clean and renew through our proven cleaning and restoring process.