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Start Spring Cleaning from the Outside First!

With winter coming to an end, it’s time to start sprucing up for spring by washing away the mess that Ole’ Man Winter has left behind. The temperature fluctuations and frosty weather of winter wreak havoc on your siding, decking and hardscape surfaces such as your patio, sidewalks, and walkways, so now it’s time to clean the untidiness up by doing a thorough cleaning that tackles the exterior of your property to get everything ready for the outdoor living season ahead.

pool area pressure washing Charlotte NC

If you are busy remodeling the interior of your home by adding new furniture, painting and clearing out the closets, be sure that the outside of your home is as spiffy as the inside. After all, a shabby looking home façade certainly doesn’t make a good first impression even if the inside of your home is spotless. Don’t ignore the external packaging of your home, as it truly emphasizes your pride of homeownership and it even affects the value of your home. A dingy outside makes people think the inside of your home is just as unkempt, too.

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Renew Crew of Charlotte makes your home’s exterior sparkle without you having to lift a finger other than to call us. We get things super clean and protect your biggest investment–your home and outdoor living spaces and all your outdoor surfaces. We remove layers of winter dirt, algae, grime and mold that can wreck your home’s look. Best of all, our process is earth-friendly and people/pet safe. Our cleaning and sealing process will not harm your kids, the family dog or your landscape and it will make your surfaces look practically as good as new. This necessary maintenance salvages your surfaces so that they can last longer than their statistical lifespan due to proper care.

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We have created cleaning solutions that are good for wood and hardscapes so they revitalize them and seal them for long-lasting beauty without harming them. Our products are designed to eliminate years of that unpleasant and murky look that keeps your house and backyard looking bad and ultimately shortens the life of your exterior structures. Don’t ignore your home’s siding, deck, fencing, patio, pool deck and even gazebo, or you risk paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars in repairs or even replacement.

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Spring is nearly here, so let’s improve the appeal of your outdoor oasis before all the grilling, entertaining and outdoor fun begins. Spring clean your outdoor areas AND indoors at the same time so you can equally enjoy both all season long. Don’t disregard a sad deck or green siding or algae covered deck steps, as Renew Crew of Charlotte can get it all taken care of in a day or two so you are spring ready. You won’t believe what a good cleaning and a new coat of stain can do to revitalize the look of your exterior surfaces. Our gentle foaming and environmentally friendly cleaning products get the dirt out and our water-repellent stain finish defends your structures against the destructive effects of winter and the heat of the summer sun. We prevent the unsightly splitting, cracking and warping or wood that can cause dangerous splinters and make things look downright bad.

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Let us turn back time on your deck, siding and hardscape surfaces with a proper cleaning and sealing! Call Renew Crew of Charlotte today to get on our spring cleaning appointment list. Don’t wait until the last minute to get your outdoor surfaces cleaned and ready for the warm season ahead. Give us a call for a free consultation at 704-445-3210 or fill out our form here. We look forward to hearing from you soon!