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Thinking of changing the color of your deck this spring? Renew Crew of Charlotte can help!

Spring is a season for renewal. Change is all around, from our landscapes as they come alive with color and dimension, to the arrival of songbirds as they prepare and care for their young. This time of year also signifies a great time for changing the exterior of your home through additions and upgrades. Whether it the addition of colorful flowers, a new mailbox or even a new patio, the mild days present the perfect opportunity to get outside and get things done!

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When it comes to your outdoor living spaces, particularly your wooden deck, it really takes a beating from the winter. If not maintained properly, your wooden deck can become covered with dirt and unsightly mold causing discoloration and cracking. Bringing your wooden deck back to life is something Renew Crew of Charlotte specializes in. We can not only professionally clean and seal your deck in preparation for the outdoor living season, but in many cases we can also change the color of your deck as well.

That’s Right! We not only get your deck or wooden outdoor structure sparkling clean, but we can also stain it in a wide range of colors as we seal and protect it for years of continued use. Our competitors that use high-powered washers and damaging bleach to clean that can gauge your deck boards and it’s toxic. Since our specially formulated solutions do all the work, we don’t need to use high pressure that can damage your wood and shorten the life of your outdoor entertaining structures.

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Renew Crew of Charlotte’s trained technicians use our custom cleaning formulas with expert care to give your property the attention it deserves to look beautiful and protects it so that it maintains that like-new condition for as long as possible. High-powered pressure washing will damage soft surfaces like wood, paint, and vinyl. We use low-pressure techniques with the proper cleaning solutions that do all the hard work and cause no risk to your property.

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Are you ready to update your deck? Try a new hue with a fresh new stain by calling Renew Crew of Charlotte today to learn more about a fresh look. Give us a call for a free consultation at 704-445-3210 or fill out our form here. We look forward to hearing from you soon!