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Renew Crew of Charlotte Leaves Your Outdoor Surfaces So Clean, You Will Be Speechless!

One of our most recent surface cleaning projects took place in Charlotte, NC. When we initially met with the homeowner to discuss her exterior cleaning and restoration needs she conveyed to me that she had hired a traditional pressure washing company a few months back. She also confided to me how disappointed she was with the results of the work they had performed for her. I assured this homeowner how pleased she would be after Renew Crew finished her project, and indeed, upon completion, she was so pleased with the outcome it left her speechless!

hardscape pressure washing Charlotte NC

This project consisted of cleaning many of the exterior surfaces on and around this lovely Charlotte, NC, home. We cleaned the brick walkways, the back deck and even the front entryway of the home. Take a look at these amazing before & after images:

brick walkway pressure washing Charlotte NC

deck cleaning staining in Charlotte NC

As you can clearly see from the before and after images, both the brick and wooden surface areas around the home were dirty and built up with grime, mold and residue from exposure to the elements. Renew Crew of Charlotte was able to restore the exterior surfaces to their original beauty with our exclusive process. Here’s more before and after images from the same project:

What sets our process apart from traditional “pressure washing” companies is our proprietary, eco-friendly cleaners which are safe and effective on any surface, including vinyl, wood, brick, stucco, and Hardie. Power washing is an extremely sensitive and precise technique. If you’re not at the right angle or distance, you can damage surfaces or barely clean them. In addition, just pressure/ power washing a surface will not provide the deep-down clean you can get from Renew Crew. Instead of blasting dirt around from one area to the next, like other pressure washing companies, we loosen it and lift it away with a pre-soak foam and then wash the dirt, mold and grim away for good. Because we don’t use chlorine, caustic acids, or other harmful chemicals, our process does not damage the surface itself or cause additional damage to the surrounding landscape. Once we’re done pressure washing, the result is just sparkling walls, siding, decking, masonry and hardscapes!

hardscape pressure washing Charlotte NC

With thoughts of “Spring cleaning” now on the minds of many Charlotte area homeowners, NOW is the perfect time to experience the Renew Crew clean for yourself! Our goal at Renew Crew of Charlotte is to provide you superb personal service while delivering a cleaner clean, a greener clean and a longer-lasting clean – all without risking damage to your surfaces. Our unique, 3-step process developed as a result of this goal, as did our exclusive, eco-friendly products and our decision to never use damaging high-pressure spraying.

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