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We Offer an Array of Different Staining Options for Your Charlotte Deck!

While it may have been years and years since your deck was installed or last cleaned and stained, you can rest easy knowing that Renew Crew of Charlotte can fully rejuvenate your deck’s appearance – usually within a day or two! We offer an array of different deck stain color options that will bring your decks’ appearance back to life and will continue to protect your deck against discoloring agents, such as water, UV rays, and dirt and grime. If you’d like to learn more about our deck color staining options, call us today at 704-445-3210!

deck stain colors Charlotte NC

If your deck is looking years and years older than it actually is, no problem! Over the years, your once vibrant deck is going to begin to become dull, dingy, and even grimy. We utilize a proprietary cleaning solution designed to penetrate your deck’s wooden surface and bring these discoloring agents to the surface. We’ll then further agitate these discoloring agents by brushing and scrubbing your wood deck’s surface. Next, we will pressure wash these discoloring agents away. Once all of this has been completed, your deck’s wooden surface will look almost as though it arrived directly from the lumber yard.

After we’ve removed the dirt, grime, mold, algae, and other discoloring agents, we’ll then allow the entire deck’s surface to dry – this usually takes a day, especially in the summer heat. Then it’s time for you to select the deck stain you’d like to have applied to your deck’s surface. This is where you can add a touch of personalization and customization to your deck’s appearance. In addition to a variety of deck staining colors being positive, our deck stain will also seal your deck’s surface and further protect it from water, UV rays, and foot traffic. We have been staining decks in Charlotte for nearly two decades and are still going strong!

deck stain colors Charlotte NC

So, if you’re researching which deck stain options are the right choice for your deck, call Renew Crew first. We can help to show you which deck stain colors and styles are possible for your deck and which are not. Sometimes, due to the original type of stain applied to your deck numerous years ago, your color stain options may be less substantial. For instance, if your deck was sealed with a solid color sealant, you won’t have the ability to apply a semi-transparent stain. It’s important to know this before heading to your hardware store and loading up on gallons of the wrong stain.

The reason you cannot put semi-transparent stain over color stain is that it won’t produce the desired effect. Your deck won’t benefit at all from the semi-transparent stain, as the color stain will still remain dominant. Therefore, if you have a color stain already applied to your deck, we will need to apply a new coating of your choice of color stain. Don’t worry, once we’ve completed our project, your deck will look practically brand new. In fact, your neighbors and guests may even ask you if you’ve had a new deck installed!

deck color staining Charlotte NC

If you’re looking for which type of deck stain is best for your deck, whether semi-transparent or color stain, rest easy knowing that Renew Crew of Charlotte will provide you with the accurate information and ensure that your deck looks completely revitalized. Don’t replace it – renew it, in just one or two days! You can reach us by calling us at 704-445-3210 or by filling out our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you soon!