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Concrete is a strong material that can stand up to a lot, but it is also a very porous material that requires sealant to last. Whether it is oil or water, concrete sucks it up when it is not properly sealed. Oil will settle in the concrete and stain your walkway or driveway. Moisture settles in concrete and can also damage the integrity of the material, especially in colder climates. When the moisture freezes, it expands and cracks the concrete.

At Renew Crew of Charlotte, we provide concrete cleaning and sealing to not only make your concrete last longer, but also look better. While some embedded stains may be too difficult to erase entirely, our exclusive cleaning solution and light pressure washing will wash away most dirt that has built up over time.

After cleaning the concrete, we come back to seal it. The sealant, which is available in several finishes, will close open pores on the surface, stopping dirt, oil, water, etc. from penetrating concrete — leaving your driveway, sidewalks and other concrete surfaces Renew Crew Clean!

Professional Concrete Pressure Washing in Charlotte, NC, and Surrounding Areas

Make sure you’re hiring a licensed, insured pressure washing company. It’s very important to perform your due diligence prior to hiring just any pressure washing company in the Greater Charlotte metro. We’ve been transforming sidewalks, driveways, and other outdoor concrete surfaces for over ten years! When it comes to quality concrete pressure washing and sealing, you won’t find another company that’s as dedicated to quality service, as well as customer service as Renew Crew of Charlotte.

Don’t make the mistake of hiring the “cheaper” company. We are often called out to customers’ homes to rectify the subpar job the “cheaper” company did. It’s actually very common. Again, who you hire matters and you won’t find another pressure washing company in Charlotte for all your concrete and sidewalk pressure washing needs.l

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