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Flagstone Patio, Travertine Patio and Paver Patio Pressure Washing and Sealing in Charlotte, NC

Queen City homeowners spend thousands each year on gorgeous hardscapes, paver patios, stone walls, stone fireplaces, paver driveways, and other beautiful stone works. Like all outdoor surfaces, they can dull, gray, mold, and fade over time and exposure to the elements, everyday dirt, and debris.
However, Renew Crew of Charlotte can restore them to their original beauty!

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Here are some of the outdoor surfaces we pressure wash in the Charlotte area:

  • Paver patio pressure washing and sealing
  • Paver driveways and walkway pressure washing and sealing
  • Flagstone patio pressure washing and sealing
  • Flagstone driveways and walkway pressure washing and sealing
  • Flagstone stairs pressure washing and sealing
  • Natural stone retaining and vertical walls pressure washing
  • Cultured stone retaining and vertical walls pressure washing
  • Natural stone & cultured stone outdoor fireplaces pressure washing
  • Other stone and specialty outdoor surfaces pressure washing and sealing

Travertine Patio Sealing Services Charlotte, NC

Through our proprietary pressure washing, cleaning and sealing process, you can rest easy knowing that your valuable, travertine patio will look completely revitalized. Even more importantly, our sealing process will ensure that your travertine patio looks great for longer and doesn’t fall victim to the elements, foot traffic, leaf buildup, and dirt and grime. Renew Crew of Charlotte is the most trusted name in travertine patio sealing in Charlotte, NC. To find out why just give us a call at 704-445-3210.

Flagstone Patio Sealing Services Charlotte, NC

If your flagstone patio is showing signs of aging or is suffering from the buildup of dirt, grime or mold, then call the experts at Renew Crew of Charlotte. Our proprietary cleaning process will remove unwanted discoloring agents from your flagstone patio and bring back its original appearance. Once we’ve thoroughly cleaned your flagstone patio, we’ll then seal it in order to keep it looking great for years to come. No longer will you have to worry about an unsightly flagstone patio from dirt buildup, foot traffic, and dirt and grime. For more information about our flagstone cleaning and sealing read more > Here.

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Make sure you hire a professional, insured pressure washing and cleaning company for your flagstone, paver, and other hardscapes. Failure to do so may result in permanent damage to your home’s exterior hardscape surfaces. We are Charlotte’s premier pressure washing company for all your paver patio, travertine patio or walkway, and flagstone patio or walkway.

Contact us today at 704-445-3210 to learn more.

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