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Who to Call When Searching “Pressure Washing Company Near Me Charlotte NC”

When searching for a professional pressure washing company in Charlotte, North Carolina, and surrounding areas, make sure to perform your due diligence prior to hiring just anyone. If you hire the wrong company, you may end up with serious regrets. Take the time to check their online reviews. Make sure they’re insured and aren’t simply a “fly by night” company. There’s a fine line between too much and too little pressure when it comes to cleaning certain surfaces. Too much pressure can damage your deck or paver patio and walkways. Too little pressure won’t clean the surfaces sufficiently. It’s important to hire a company that’s been pressure washing and sealing exterior surfaces in both Mecklenburg and Union counties for over a decade. Call us today at 704-445-3210!

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What amount of pressure should I use to pressure wash my deck?

This is a very common question and nobody seems to know the exact answer. At Renew Crew of Charlotte, we begin by applying our proprietary cleaning solution that’s designed to bring the discoloring agents from the interior of your deck’s wood to the surface. We’ll then agitate them using a brush until all those discoloring agents are on the surface. Next, we’ll gently rinse away those discoloring agents, making sure to use the correct amount of pressure that will guarantee that your deck’s wood isn’t damaged. After your deck has been cleaned and we’ve pressure washed away the discoloring agents, your wood will look like it just came from the lumber yard.

After we’ve cleaned your deck’s wood surfaces and your deck has completely dried, we’ll come back and apply our stain/sealant solution that’s designed to keep your deck looking new for years to come. In addition to giving your deck that new look, it will protect it from UV rays, water damage, dirt, grime, mold and foot traffic. It’s our 3-step process that separates us from all other pressure washing companies in Charlotte, NC, and surrounding areas.

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We specialize in pressure washing all your home’s exterior surfaces. From wooden decks, paver patios and walkways, travertine patios and walkways, sidewalks and your home’s exterior siding, you can count on Renew Crew of Charlotte to bring it back to life! Our premier 3-step pressure washing and sealing services will ensure that your home’s exterior surfaces look nearly brand new!

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Remember, who you hire matters! If you’re searching for the premier pressure washing company in Charlotte, NC, then look no further than the local professionals at Renew Crew of Charlotte. To find out how we can bring your home’s exterior surfaces back to life through our professional pressure washing and staining services, call us today at 704-445-3210 or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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